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icon post 025 [01 Jan 2008|09:42pm]

OMG I only posted one icon post in 2007!
Hopefully the fact I don't have a 6 month internet lack will mean this year will be more productive!

001-007 NON-SHAREABLE Requests for intodelirium
008-032 Shareable requests ((mortnme 8-17)(firstanointed 18-26)(twolefts 27-32))
033-050 Alias
051-064 Battlestar Galactica
065-083 Farscape (Mostly from Meltdown ♥)
084-113 Heroes (Possible S2 spoilers!)
114-118 Lost (Jack/Juliet)
119-000 Supernatural

Teasers -

you thought it would never happen again :PCollapse )

P.S. #80 is by every means dedicated to _omnivore_ ;) ♥
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Request 02 (Hiatus is OVER) [24 Oct 2007|05:37pm]

I'm officially back (PS is working aswell as my net now ;))
To celebrate, I'll be making more icons! And in the time until then, don't forget to REQUEST

Because that was so VERY long ago, I invite you all to request more icons! (and the people who already requested are throroughly welcome to request even more ♥)

Here's a quick present for you all!

I'm hoping the gorgeousness that is Kate Walsh will lure you all to REQUEST ;)
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Icon post 024 [09 Mar 2007|07:04am]

My hand hurts from typing!

001-032 Alias
033-034 Battlestar Galactica
035-040 BTVS
041-078 Farscape (60-68 Premiere/72-78 Throne for a Loss for fs_challenge
079-098 SG-1/SGA
099-112 Green Wing
113-122 Dexter
123-143 Grey's Anatomy (spoilery for Drowning on Dry Land) + Kate Walsh
144-148 Collision for lost_challenge
149-165 Lost 3x07
166-170 misc contests

3 banners + 1 icon


4 months built up more than I thoughtCollapse )

Everybody, join fs_challenge (I co-own it!)

I'm taking requests HERE
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Request post 02 [09 Mar 2007|06:54am]

Requests to celebrate my return (and to find my muse again :P)

Post up to 5 10 good quality (over 300x300) pictures, and I'll make icons, sound reasonable? :)

I'd be especially willing to make icons of Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Heroes (nothing really spoilery for brand new eps) and Lost, but I'll icon any fandom ♥

Request away everyone!

(as always, tell me if you want shareable or non-shareable, if you don't say, they're being posted as shareable :))
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Requests icon post 023 [07 Dec 2006|07:26pm]

I went a bit crazy with the amount of some people's icons :P
A little TOO crazy :P

01-41 NON-shareable requests
42-74 shareable requests
75-115 Battlestar Galactica
116-132 Hex
133-135 Eva Green
136-151 Farscape
152-153 Stargate SG-1


non-shareable iconsCollapse )

shareable iconsCollapse )

non-requestsCollapse )
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